Writing and editing

“Jane Bottomley is a valued series editor and author for Critical Publishing. Her work for us is always carefully considered and meticulous, combining real depth and criticality with great accessibility for the target audience. Her work ethic and attention to detail are second to none and it is always a pleasure to collaborate with her.”

Julia Morris, Director, Critical Publishing

“I was unsure what to expect as I started writing with Jane as the lead co-author in a series of Study Skills books for Social Work. Within a very short space of time, however, I realised that Jane is an excellent colleague in this role. She is very supportive, encouraging and generous with her time and her wisdom. Anytime I needed support I was confident that Jane would be able to help – and she always was.”

Patricia Cartney, Head of Social Work, University of Manchester


“Jane is the best English teacher that I’ve ever had. Her classes make me feel more confident, from having important meetings at work to sharing funny stories in my social life. Her teaching method is really good. I’ve learned how to appreciate the language, and we build knowledge together. I’ve improved my pronunciation and grammar in my daily life. The lessons are shaped to my context. In this way, everything makes sense and I learn faster.”

Ivelize Rocha Bernado, Data Scientist, Brazil

“I was fortunate to have the chance to study an introduction to linguistics with Jane Bottomley since I wanted to obtain a degree in this subject. She gave me interesting and useful tuition lessons. She used simple words to explain extremely difficult concepts, which allowed me to learn without any barriers, even though I was a newbie in the field of linguistics. The lessons also helped me to improve my English at the same time.”

Qinkun Zhang, China

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