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I am currently Series Editor for Critical Study Skills, a series of books published by Critical Publishing to support students in the vital public service fields of nursing, social work, policing and education. I co-write these books with colleagues who are renowned scholars in these fields, and together we are able to produce books which root students’ academic and professional skills development in the heart of their discipline. 

I am also the author of Academic writing for international students of science, published by Routledge.

Reviews and recommendations

“a very welcome, refreshing addition to the field”

“In writing this book, Bottomley, Cartney and Pryjmachuk bring together their knowledge of HEI structures, systems and culture as well as experience and expertise as academics, lecturers and researchers. The authors use these effectively to guide the reader on the ‘do’s and don’ts’ of studying a social work degree at university.”

“The style of presentation is accessible and easy to follow.”

“Head of Schools and University Admissions Tutors looking for the ideal gifts for goodie bags for University Open Days should consider getting copies, as they would make both students’ and academic staff’s lives easier.”

“I enjoyed reading this book and highly recommend it to anyone who
is thinking of studying a social work degree or thinking of becoming a
lecturer or an Associate Tutor on a social work degree programme.”

Review by Anna Anka, University of East Anglia, British Journal of Social Work, 2018

Read the full review here

“This little book is packed with useful information”

Debs, Amazon

“concise, coherently organized, student focused and user friendly”

Review by Katie McGhee, University of East Anglia, Journal of Intellectual Disabilities, 2017
Read the full review here 

“A useful and detailed guide to developing your academic writing skills … much helpful and experienced advice here”

Phill Lister, Amazon

“A lot of helpful starters to kick your brain into gear when writing an essay”

Sam, Amazon

Academic writing for international students of science

“This book provides the perfect introduction to scientific writing for international students and researchers. With explorative tasks, study-skills boxes, practice activities, model texts and a comprehensive answer key, it is an invaluable resource both for self-study and for classroom use.”

Dr John Speller, English Language Lecturer, Lodz University of Technology

“This is a very good book which will be really helpful for international students of science, both undergraduate and postgraduate, who need to improve their academic writing skills. A broad view of ‘science is adopted, which includes the natural sciences, medicine, technology and engineering. Many well-chosen extracts from authentic scientific texts are analysed in detail, but the language is not over-technical and should be accessible to the more general reader, so that much of the material covered would be helpful for all international students. The main aspects and difficulties of academic writing are covered. In each chapter, topics are first explained clearly and concisely, and are then followed by a variety of relevant explorative tasks and practice exercises. ‘Study boxes’ provide sound guidance, advice and comment. There is an answer key for most of the exercises which makes the book appropriate for self-study as well as class use. It can safely be said that students who work carefully through the well-focused chapters and exercises will significantly improve their academic writing, and the book is highly recommended for both international students and their teachers of academic English.”

Dr Peter Doyle, Amazon

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